Ronnie Biggs The Great Train Robber [DVD]

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Nearly 50 years later Channel Five and C&I Network will reveal for the first time audio recordings of Biggs made by an investigative journalist who thought he had the scoop of the century. Using the 1974 audio tapes recorded by Colin Mackenzie with reconstruction scenes and new interviews with those who were there at the time, the film will tell the remarkable story of Ronnie Biggs life. We ll also examine the sequence of chance encounters that led a young journalist to land the scoop of the decade and the betrayals that would change the lives of both the journalist and Biggs himself forever. The tapes have been missing for decades, but now Ronnie Biggs: The Great Train Robber sheds new light on the crime that still echoes around the walls of Fleet Street and Scotland Yard.

Category: Biographies

Type: Region 2 DVD

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