Princess Diana's Legacy: Prince William & Prince Harry

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When Princess Diana was propelled into the spotlight after her marriage to Prince Charles, she quickly became the "People's Princess," inspiring many with her charming personality, charitable works and her incredible fashion sense. After the birth of her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, Diana stepped up her charitable work, always ensuring her children became involved and were aware of their privileged position. Diana always seemed to favour causes where there was a stigma attached, working hard to highlight difficult issues. After her death the world wondered what she would be remembered for but, of course, two of her greatest legacies are her sons Prince William and Prince Harry, who have taken over much of her role. As patrons and supporters of many of the same charities they continue her work with the same tireless passion. This thoughtful programme examines the legacy that Diana, Princess of Wales left behind for her children, for the institution of the monarchy and for the admiring public.

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