Predators - Tooth And Claw

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Africa’s big cats are masters of ambush, champions of the sneak attack. On the dry African plains, a pride of lions stalks an unwary zebra. Their bodies hidden from view in the tall yellow grass, surprise is the key to their success. The cheetah, by contrast, hunts in the open, relying upon its skill as a sprinter to outrun the Thompson’s gazelle. The leopard favours a third strategy. Lurking high in a thorn tree, it waits for the chance to leap from its branch onto the neck of an impala, grazing below. None has a definite edge and all are superbly tuned to their habitat and to each other. The great cats of Africa are key players in the saga of life and death on the African plains. The cats must not only fend for themselves, they must also protect and care for their young and teach them the skills of a hunter. Each day these fearsome cats must fight to survive, fight with tooth and claw.

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Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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