Polar Bears Uncovered (Endangered Animals) [DVD]

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Imagine being born into an underground ice den, not the coziest place to start life as a 14-inch bear cub.

But these vulnerable, fluffy creatures grow at an alarming rate in the 2 years spent under their mothers watchful eye. They need to learn quickly if they are to endure in a world of physicale extremes.

Beautifully filmed and packed with surprising facts, this programme sheds new light on our
understanding of these sleek, silky predators and tells the real story of the polar bear from the cub's perspective and the numerous challenges it faces growing up in the lonely domain of the North Pole.

¢ Male bears weigh up to 680kgs
¢ Polar Bear's forepaws are partially webbed
¢ Their fur is not white, but transparent with a hollow core
¢ Polar bears give off no detectable heat
¢ Polar Bears can swim for 60 miles without rest
¢ Male bears have been known to hunt their own kind
¢ They are the world's largest land predators
¢ Polar Bears can run as fast as 25mph

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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