Natural Wonders: Great barrier reef. [DVD]

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Working with marine biologists and geologists, extreme adventurer Will Gadd gets up close and personal with the largest living thing on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef.
The story of what makes this place the perfect location for the largest reef in the world takes Gadd far inland in search of clues to Australias mysterious past. This is the hidden story of a world that has died and been resurrected many times, and it takes Gadd on an incredible voyage above and beneath the waves of Australias eastern seaboard. It has long been known that the remains of a much older reef are buried beneath today's Great Barrier. But just how old is it? Scuba diving to depths of 190 feet, the team retrieves a rare piece of that ancient reef. This is a first “ scientists can now date that forgotten ancestor - 12,000 years old.

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