Natural wonders: Alaska. [DVD]

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What makes Alaska the last great wilderness on earth? Why is it the best place to see the Northern Lights and why are the mountains full of sea creatures? Skiing from the peak of Mt. Muir, paragliding to the top of a glacier, ice climbing into a moving ice crevasse, kayaking down a dangerous melt stream and climbing an iceberg, extreme adventurer Will Gadd takes all Alaska can throw at him.
He discovers where the iconic Alaskan mountain ranges come from and why they look the way they do. With help from experts, Professor Peter Haussler and Dr. Tom Douglas, and extreme skier Lel Tome, Gadd goes back hundreds of millions of years to uncover how the massive mountains “ and the state itself “ were formed.
Deep inside a glacier he gets to grips with how these icy giants carved the landscape and looks into the future of this epic place illuminated by the aweinspiring Northern Lights.

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