Natural Wonder [DVD]

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Sahara Desert: Where would you find the biggest dinosaur ever and a cove so precious it changed history? In the same place where you can ski at 58 degrees centigrade and drink million year old water......the Sahara Desert. But this dry land mass provides unique challenges. Rock climbing in the extreme heat, Will Gadd discovers the ancient history of a lost super-desert. While geologist Matt Genge and paleontologist Matt Lamanna explore the eastern side of the Sahara, Gadd's journey takes him south, deep into the western side. Between them, they discover a world of deserts, savannahs and oceans.

Great Barrier Reef: Working with marine biologists and geologists, extreme adventurer Will Gadd gets up close and personal with the largest living thing on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef. The story of what makes this place the perfect location for the largest reef in the world takes Gadd far inland in search of clues to Australia's mysterious past. This is the hidden story of a world that has died and been resurrected many times and it takes Gadd on a incredible voyage above and beneath the waves of Australia's eastern seaboard.

Antarctica: The South Pole has lured scientists, adventurers and eccentrics like a magnet ever since Ernest Shackleton ventured there a century ago. Now, renowned film maker Werner Herzog embarks on his own exploration of the South Pole. He takes the viewer on a journey to the most remote location on the planet to observe the people who inhabit it. The film perfectly balances both gorgeous footage of the continent with fascinating interviews and anecdotes of the many researches and workers who call this frozen continent home.

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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