NASA: The Moon and Beyond

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NASA's Greatest Missions

Since the dawn of mankind, we have stared up at the lights in the sky and wondered... Now join the heroic men and women of NASA on some of the greatest adventures ever undertaken, the quest to reach out beyond Earth and into the great unknown of space! To celebrate fifty years of incredible achievements, Discovery Channel collaborated with NASA to reveal the epic struggles, tragedies and triumphs in a bold chapter of human history.


The Complete NASA Collection

For nearly 30 years, the Columbia, Endeavor, Atlantis and Discovery shuttles played a vital role in every American mission to space.  From launch to landing, go behind the scenes for a rare glimpse into NASA's world of high technology and go nose to nose with the world's most amazing flying machine the Space Shuttle.  In NASA:  Inside the Space Station we explore the story of the sacrifices and the dedication of the people who have banded together to take on a project that not one nation could accomplish alone. NASA s Unexplained Files explores the idea that there may be life outside of our planet.


The Hubble Space Telescope Collection

The Hubble Space Telescope has been described as the history of time , such has its influence been on helping scientists understand our universe. This fascinating collection of programmes provides a complete look at the telescope that has provided us with a window into outer space.


Mars - In Search of the Red Planet

Take a journey into space as the Discovery cameras go in search of the Red Planet in a fascinating and insightful series of programmes that takes a closer look at Mars and the missions that have set out to find out more about Earth s neighbour.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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