NASA'S Greatest Missions - Ordinary Supermen [DVD]

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When NASA selected seven men to become the country's first astronauts in 1959, they ushered in a bold new space age. They were all test pilots who understood the enormous risks involved in an untried vertical launch on top of a rocket. NASA and the Mercury Seven embarked on a journey into the unknown. Its rocket technology was unproven and the risks were enormous. No one knew what the outcome would be or if the rigorous training hours would prepare the astronauts for travelling in excess of 17,000 miles per hour on a converted intercontinental ballistic missile. As Alan Shepard prepared to be the first of the Mercury 7 into space, fourteen million people watched the action live on television. It was truly a triumphant moment in America's space history. Packed with incredible footage of the mission this programme transports you back to that historic period and invites you to experience the highs and lows alongside the astronauts that were the undisputed heroes of their day.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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