Muhammad Ali [DVD]

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Muhammad Ali was quite probably the most inspirational and charismatic sportsman in history.  He proclaimed himself the greatest long before he was and will ever be remembered thus.


From his start as Cassius Clay, the upstart braggard, this incredible ESPN series features all his key fights over four discs with extended highlights of Rumble in the Jungle and Thrilla in Manila on the fifth. Interspersed with expert analysis, revelations from both the man himself and his inimitable trainer Angelo Dundee, the legend that is Muhammad Ali is revealed for all to see.



Clay vs Jones: 13 March 1963

Clay vs Cooper: 18 June 1963

Clay vs Liston: 25 February 1964

Clay vs Liston: 25 May 1965



Ali vs Chuvalo: 29 March 1966

Ali vs Terrell: 6 February 1967

Ali vs Folley: Training Film

Ali vs Folley: 22 March 1967



Ali vs Quarry: 26 October 1970

Ali vs Bonavena: 7 December 1970

Ali vs Foreman: 30 October 1974



Ali vs Wepner: 24 March 1975

Ali vs Lyle: 16 May 1975

Ali vs Frazier: 30 September 1975



Rumble in the Jungle and Thrilla in Manilla


He fought to change attitudes, to change the world, and to be the best. Born Cassius Clay, he became Muhammad Ali. But we will always remember him as THE GREATEST.

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