Monsters Inside Me: Season 5 DVD-R

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What happens when humans fall prey to parasites? Explore the shocking and
sometimes deadly details of parasitic infection. Every episode is a life-or-death battle
between modern medicine and evolution for the patients.

Just because a parasite is not a bear, tiger or some other large predator, that doesn’t
mean it can’t be as deadly... if not more so. Monsters Inside Me retells the real-life,
harrowing dramas of people infected by deadly parasites as doctors and scientists try
to unravel each case before it’s too late. We discover what happens to unsuspecting
victims when the smallest creatures turn out to be the biggest monsters. Parasites
are organisms that live on or in another species, which then serve as hosts from which
the parasite gains nutrients. Failing to recognize or incorrectly diagnosing a parasite
can wreak havoc and sometimes cause death.

My Daughter’s Going Crazy • West Nile Attack!
A Menace in My Own Backyard • A Holiday in the Hospital
The Killer in the Lake • There’s a Worm Crawling in My What?
Vampire Parasites Attack • My Body is Rotting • I Smell Like Death
The Brain Colonizer

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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