Monster Croc Invasion

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Costa Rica is a famed eco-tourism powerhouse and wildlife haven but the Central American paradise is in the middle of a crocodile crisis. In the last twenty years the Costa Rican population has grown exponentially and now a battle for land is on. The equation is simple really: more people, with less land, equals conflict. Renowned reptilian expert and ‘Gator Boy’, Paul Bedard, leads an expedition in search of a solution. He is convinced that with a little help the two species can actually co-exist. Already well-known for its monster crocs, Costa Rica has been facing increasing numbers of fatal attacks on humans. Despite the crocodiles of Costa Rica being exactly the same breed as in the US they have been found to be far more aggressive. Paul and the team are going to meet the locals and try to discover what’s making these crocs the terrifying human killers that they are, and find out if there is a way for harmony to be restored to the locals and animals alike.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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