Moments in Time - The Black Death Curse of the Rat [DVD]

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Was the disease known as the Black Death, which killed one third of Europes population in just 3 years during the Middle Ages and the bubonic plague the same disease. What could cause the spread of such a horrendous plague. In 1347 A.D, a Mongol army attacked Kaffa, an expatriot Genoese city located in the Crimea. The Mongols employed a crude form of germ warfare by catapulting bodies of their own men, dead from a mysterious disease, over the fortification wall. It turned out that they were infected by the black death. Soon the forts Genoese defenders were infected. Some of the Genoese sailors managed to escape and sail back to their homeland, but they took with them an unwelcome stowaway, a black rat that spread the disease at every port. Between 1347 and 1350, one third of the people in Europe perished. A death toll so great that the population did not return to pre plague levels until the 18th century. This insightful programme aims to shed light on some of the many questions surrounding this heinous curse known as the black death.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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