Moments in Time - Napoleon's Lost Army - Vilnius, Lithuania DVD [DVD]

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In 2002 in Vilnius, Lithuania, scientists were stunned to discover the remains of some 2 to 3000 French soldiers, this first mass grave of its kind ever recovered. How they died and is a window on one of the greatest military disasters in history. Having fought their way across Europe, Napoleon's armies, freezing cold, malnourished and exhausted, was stalled outside Lithuania's capital city. Thousands of those who reached Vilnius either died outside the city gates or inside of shock, gangrene, typhus, dysentery, or starvation. No one really knows for certain how the French soldiers died the way they did, the victims names were on recorded and their deaths were unmarked. This insightful documentary aims to shed new light on this long-standing military mystery and attempts to explain what happened to Napoleon's lost Army.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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