Moments in Time: Anthony and Cleopatra - Battle of Actium [DVD]

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By the end of the Battle of Actium, on September 2, 31 BC The Roman navy, led by Octavian, had defeated the formidable fleet of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, sealed the fate of the two ill-starred lovers and created the Roman Empire. Some say the battle never took place, that the victory was only a creation of Octavian's propaganda. However recent discoveries of catapult balls used in the battle and bronze rams that served as the ships œwarheads?, not only provide evidence that the epic battle took place, but show how it was won. This fascinating programme explores what the three military leaders were thinking and doing before, during and after the alleged battle, what tactics Octavian used to defeat his enemies, and how Cleopatra and Anthony died after fleeing the defeat.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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