Mobster Confessions [2013] [DVD]

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What would you do if you knew the Mafia s secrets? Would you protect the men involved despite their criminal lifestyle, or would you risk being hunted by the Mafia to bring an end to its violence? And what if you only knew the Mafia secrets because you were born into a Mafia family?

This is the gut-wrenching decision six Mafia informants had to make in Discovery s new series Mobster Confessions. These men, born into some of the most notorious mobster families in the USA, put their lives on the line for justice after seeing just how brutal this violent world of crime could be.

The six-part series features the bone-chilling testimonies of New York, Philadelphia and Las Vegas mobsters who risked their lives to dismantle the Mafia. Viewers are given a unique behind-thescenes look into the inner-workings of the mob and what turned these Mafia-born gangsters into informants.

Category: Television

Type: Region 2 DVD

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