Long Island Medium: On the Road

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Theresa Caputo is a normal mom from New York. She picks up her daughter every day from school and drives her to gymnastics. She makes dinner for her husband when he comes home from work. And... she sees dead people. As Theresa’s reputation has grown she receives thousands of emails from fans wondering how they can get a reading from her in Long Island. Inspired by all these people reaching out to her she’s decided to go on the road with her gift. Packing her heels and hairspray, Theresa heads down south to Florida where she surprises unsuspecting fans with readings. A mother hears from her daughter that died tragically and a woman desperately needs to know if her husband is still with her. Theresa continues her quest to surprise fans with messages from their loved ones as she takes on the windy city. With her husband Larry by her side, Theresa sees the best of what Chicago has to offer and shocks people with readings on their home turf. Along the way, she touches lives and delivers amazing messages from spirits to their loved ones.

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