Live Seánce (aka Exorcism: Live!) (DVD-R)

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The first ever live televised exorcism is now available to own on DVD. We join the crew of Ghost Asylum as they drive out the demons from the actual house that inspired the movie The Exorcist. This true story began in Maryland in 1949 with a fourteen-year-old boy, Roland Doe. His favourite aunt gave him a Spirit Board so he could talk to the other side. Not long after using the board, strange and inexplicable events took place in his bedroom such as dripping sounds and shaking of a Jesus painting on the wall. Does aunt passed away soon after and this is when he began to exhibit strange behaviour, as well as claw-like scratches on his body. His family became concerned and sought help from Lutheran priests who believed Roland to be possessed. Out of desperation the family took Roland to stay with relatives in the St. Louis Suburbs and here's where things took a turn for the worse. Roland's behaviour became completely out of control and a team of Jesuit priests were brought in to save him from this demonic entity. The diary of one of the priests, Father Raymond Bishop, documents the paranormal activity in the boy's bedroom, from religious objects flying off the wall to bloody scratches appearing on Roland's body. Ever since the attempted exorcism of Roland Doe rumours have been rife that the house is still possessed by an evil entity. Paranormal investigators who have visited the house in recent years have experienced eerie and unsettling events which only bolster the belief that something sinister still lurks in the home. Can this home be cleansed once and for all?

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This is a Region 2 DVD.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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