Leopards of Dead Tree Island

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Leopards of Dead Tree Island takes us on an unforgettable journey into the lives of these three cats: Mosweo – a young mother who gave birth to two cubs during the abundance of summer. She is solitary by nature and takes on parenthood alone. Will she be able to rear and defend her cubs in this challenging environment – competing with lions and hyenas and coping with floods and drought? Buddah is the dominant male leopard of Dead Tree Island. He is the father of Mosweo’s cubs but he offers her no support or protection. To further complicate matters Tipa, her previous offspring, still shares her same territory, competing for food and posing a threat to her new cubs. He is now an independent three-year-old moving dangerously close to his mother’s new den site. He is an insider that she has tolerated so far. But, with the arrival of her new set of cubs he’s become an adversary that needs to be dealt with.
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