Laurel & Hardy Shorts Collection Volume 5 [DVD]

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LAUREL & HARDY COLLECTION THE SOILERS ¢ SMITHY WEST OF HOT DOG Stan and Ollie were always talented comic actors, and before finding their natural rhythm as the greatest double act in history they each featured in numerous comedy shorts alongside other stars of the day. The Soilers stars Stan Laurel, alongside his then-comic partner and common-law wife Mae Laurel, in a parody of the year's hit Gold Rush drama 'The Spoilers'. The film also stars James Finlayson, who would go on to feature in over 30 Laurel & Hardy films, and who also appears in Smithy, a comedy starring Stan in the title role as a discharged soldier who finds work at a construction site - with predictably hilarious results! Stan also stars in West Of Hot Dog, one of twelve two-reel comedies he made for famed comedian-turned-producer Joe Rock. Stan's former partner Mae Laurel did not appear in these Joe Rock films, as the legendary producer felt she was a bad influence on Stan and put her on a ship back to Australia!

Category: Comedy

Type: Region 2 DVD

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