Laurel & Hardy Shorts Collection Volume 2 [DVD]

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LAUREL & HARDY COLLECTION THE HOBO ¢ THE SAWMILL MUD & SAND ¢ WHITE WINGS Get ready to laugh with this collection of early film appearances from the world's favourite comedy double act! The Hobo stars Ollie, billed as Babe Hardy in one of his earliest Hollywood roles, playing opposite the great Billy West, known as one of the era's best Charlie Chaplin impersonators (including, so the legend goes, by Chaplin himself!). The Sawmill sees Ollie paired with slapstick legend Larry Semon, while Mud And Sand stars Stan as an unlikely matador, playing opposite his then-comedy partner and common-law wife, Mae Laurel. White Wings, produced by the famed silent era mogul Hal Roach, sees Stan teamed up with the instantly recognisable James Finlayson, who would later join Laurel & Hardy in over 30 of their greatest films.

Category: Comedy

Type: Region 2 DVD

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