Laurel & Hardy Shorts Collection Volume 1 [DVD]

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LAUREL & HARDY COLLECTION SHOULD SAILORS MARRY? ¢ ENOUGH TO DO THUNDERING FLEAS ¢ ALONG CAME AUNTIE CRAZY LIKE A FOX ¢ BROMO & JULIET Roll back the years with this collection of early performances from the world's favourite comedy double act! Should Sailors Marry? is a Hal Roach silent short featuring Ollie in an early supporting role as a doctor, playing opposite the great Clyde Cook. The two also star in Enough To Do, co-written and directed by none other than Stan Laurel! Thundering Fleas is a short starring the cast of 'Our Gang', ably supported by Ollie and the boys' longtime collaborator James Finlayson. Along Came Auntie is another Hal Roach picture, starring Ollie and co-written by Stan, while Crazy Like A Fox and Bromo & Juliet both feature Ollie alongside comedian Charley Chase, and were released just prior to the official teaming up of the great Laurel & Hardy!

Category: Comedy

Type: Region 2 DVD

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