Laurel and Hardy - Flying Deuces [DVD]

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In probably their most famous film, Laurel and Hardy play a couple of fish peddlers on a Cook's Tour of Paris where Ollie falls in love with innkeeper's daughter Georgette. At Stan's prodding, Ollie pops the question to Georgette, who gently refuses because there is someone else. Disconsolately, they head off to the French Foreign Legion to help Ollie forget but, try as he might, he can't get his beloved Georgette out of his mind “ until Stan suggests that he pretends to so that they can get back in their own clothes and head home. They pack their bags and head for the airport where Ollie is reunited with Georgette, who turns out to be the wife of their commanding officer Francois! Sentenced to death for desertion, the boys tunnel their way out of their jail cell and hide out in an airplane, which Stan accidentally sends into flight. After a wild and noisy ride, the plane crashes, leading to the film's hilarious and somehow touching "freak" ending.

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Category: Comedy

Type: Region 2 DVD

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