Las Vegas Law

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In a city where nearly everything is a gamble, the Clark County District Attorney's Office is as close to a sure thing as it gets. Lead by District Attorney Steven Wolfson, his diverse and dedicated group of prosecutors rarely ever hear the words, Not Guilty as they pursue justice for the millions of people who live and visit Sin City. Shot in real time, with unprecedented access and unfiltered emotions, Las Vegas Law is the real Law Order. This series goes behind the scenes with the prosecutors, documenting the strategies they come up as they prepare and prosecute such life and death cases as a triple homicide on Las Vegas Blvd, to an alleged violent sexual assault in one of Vegas most iconic hotel casinos. We are there with victims and families as they experience the rollercoaster of emotions, with DAs and defense attorneys behind closed door dramatic last minute plea bargaining sessions, and with detectives as they provide first hand insight into how they investigated these cases in the first place. With real surveillance footage, crime scene photos and police interrogation video never released before, this new series will be telling new and compelling crime stories from start to finish for the first time on television and in an unforgettable way. Law Vegas Law what goes down on the strip, ends up in their courtrooms.

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