Landspeed Shootout [DVD]

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This exhilarating documentary boasts exclusive access to the fastest vehicles in the world as they battle to break international motorcycle and car landspeed records. It is a thrilling look at the world of landspeed racing, including terrifying accidents, mechanical setbacks and larger-than-life characters.

2008 proved to be a vintage year for landspeed racing on the fabled Bonneville Salt Flats. The fickle salt was the best it had been in 30 years. A tantalizing 12 miles of hard dry salt stretched out before the teams, taunting them with the seemingly easy task of just putting their foot down and praying their machines could withstand the sheer force of speed¦

The film follows a week of high-speed action, capturing the drama from every vantage point, witnessing the exhilaration and sheer terror of driving at 400mph plus, and showing the drivers literally taking their lives in their hands after strapping themselves into the cockpit and opening up the throttle.

But the film is not just about speed “ it also captures the unique character of the drivers and teams behind these vehicles, as well as the extreme engineering challenges.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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