Land of the Dinosaurs Paleoworld Season 4

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Travel around the world in search of clues left behind by the great beasts that once roamed the Earth, seas and skies. We start our explorations in the water with prehistoric sharks. No modern shark can compare to its amazing ancestors. the awesome killing machine the Megatooth. At over 50 feet, it could go head-to- head with any sea creature - including prehistoric whales. Meanwhile in Scotland, is it possible that a dinosaur lurks in the waters of The Loch Ness? Scientists are looking at the fossil record and finding that sea monsters once swam in prehistoric seas. Scientists are discovering fascinating secrets about the well known Brontosaurus, challenging long accepted wisdom to uncover quite a different animal from the one we think we know. In America scientists have unearthed details in the Montana Badlands that tell us how dinosaurs reared their young. Raised inside nests, the offspring of the Duck Billed Dinosaurs had to grow up quickly to fend off potential predators lurking in the shadows. When scientists stumbled across a dinosaur graveyard in New Mexico it offered a unique opportunity to discover how so many of these monsters all came to die here in this one place, at the same time? With the discovery of some of the rarest fossils in world, a terrifying picture emerges of how a leg-less lizard became the king of the reptiles, snakes have proven that evolution can find remarkable solutions to the problem of survival. Join scientists as they investigate how the fearsome Raptors stalked and killed their prey. Tyrannosaurus Rex was the undisputed king of the dinosaurs until scientists discovered the remains of a dinosaur that could have outweighed the champ in every respect – who would have been the victor if they had come face-to-face? For centuries scientists have been puzzled as to how the dinosaurs suddenly disappeared. Could it have been some type of natural catastrophe? Or did something from outer space kill the dinosaurs? To conclude we join paleontologist in the White River Badlands where we find some of nature’s wildest evolutionary experiments. Strange animals inherited the world after the death of the dinosaurs including half ton walking birds, rhinoceros horses, one ton pigs and sabre-toothed cats. From this motley group emerged the mammals, which now rule the earth.

INCLUDES: Prehistoric Sharks • Loch Ness Secret • Secrets of the Brontosaurus Baby Monsters • Valley Venom • Dawn of the Dinos • Killer Raptor Clash of the Titans • Dinosaur Doomsday • Valley of the Uglies

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