Kings of the Wild (DVD-R)

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Kings of the Wild cooks up an exotic recipe, mixing adventure, survival and food in a new series that gives viewers a seat at the table for bizarre foods that just might save your life. This series sees Mother Nature in her rarest form, teaming up British chef and restaurateur Matt Tebbutt with Kiwi survivalist and alpha male Josh James to challenge not only their survival and culinary skills, but also one another. In each episode, the intrepid duo travels to a new, alien environment with the ultimate goal to prove that knowledge, passion and a touch of desperation are the key ingredients in conquering the terrain. The two-man team is spending a week in the wild to prove you can live like kings if you know where to look and how to cook. Together, they show how the means to survive can be found in the most unusual places, seeking food you’d never imagine eating, maybe never knew existed – but these unusual foods could actually save your life – and in some cases make for a unique and delectable meal.

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Type: Region 2 DVD

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