King George and Queen Mary: The First Windsors [DVD]

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Prince George, second son of King Edward VII and grandson of Queen Victoria (the awesome ˜Widow of Windsor), had never expected to become King of England. But his life changed completely in 1892 when his eldest brother Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence, died on the eve of his wedding to a German princess, Mary of Teck.

As a dutiful English prince, one who was now heir to the throne, George married the German princess himself in 1892. So began the long royal partnership of George and Mary. But what began as a marriage of convenience between two painfully shy, emotional people, would blossom into an enduring love.

More than a royal love chronicle this is the real story of the birth of a new royal
dynasty and how King George (accused of being pro-German) was forced to change
the Royal Family name to Windsor.

Using stunning archive film from the early 1900s, ˜The First Windsors is the story of George and Mary, the sober, awkward couple, who as King and Queen of Great Britain steered a steady course through the tragedy of World War One, economic recession and, for a time, a genuine republican threat to the throne. By 1936 it is the story of the personal triumph of ˜King George & Queen Mary: The First Windsors

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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