King for a Summer; the inside story of 6024 King Edward I on the Torbay Express in 2008 [DVD]

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This is the inside story of 6024s storming performance at the head of the Torbay Express service during the summer of 2008. It started badly. "King Edward I" was stuck at Bridgenorth with mechanical problems, so the un-rebuilt West Country locomotive "Tangmere" had to take over instead. Two weeks later, complete with a new axlebox and rebuilt air pump, the King was being nursed along the Welsh borders towards Bristol. There'd been precious little opportunity for running-in at the Severn Valley Railway. The following day's dash from Bristol to Torbay at 75mph would be a case of "kill or cure" for the elderly King. The train was heavier than usual. Ahead was the fearsome Whiteball Bank, plus an equally grueling slog across the hill spine of land that separates Paignton from Kinswear. The 6024 Preservation Society was determined that their engine would not fail and they had three aces up their sleeve in the form of a trio of hugely experienced ex-Great Western enginemen. Fears about the King's health gradually slipped away as the 80-year old engine seemed to getting stronger and stronger as the weeks went by. "King for a Summer" is the work of the same TV documentary team responsible for the acclaimed "King for a Day" film, and this time the film-makers rode with the King for several weeks. The resulting documentary gives a unique insight into how "King Edward I" reigned supreme for a summer.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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