Johnny's New Kingdom [DVD]

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This ten-part series follows Johnny Kingdom s exploits as he develops a 52-acre plot of land on the edge of Exmoor bought with the proceeds of his best-selling autobiography. For him, it s a dream come true. But it s not going to be an easy process, everything needs to be managed from start to finish and he ll have to look far and wide for help and advice. But if there s one thing you can guarantee with Johnny, his enthusiasm will carry him through. What he hopes to do is attract as much wildlife to the land as possible; it s a massive project. How can he do it; what will he need to bring in the birds and mammals? Can he learn from people who have done similar things elsewhere? With the help of established experts and old mates who like him are self-taught, Johnny s new kingdom begins to take shape.

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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