John Wayne: West of the Divide (1934) & Blue Steel (1934) [DVD]

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West of the Divide While searching for his long-lost brother Jim, who was kidnapped as a baby after his father was murdered by an unseen gunman, cowboy Ted Hayden (John Wayne) and his companion Dusty Rhodes discover outlaw Gat Ganns dying from contaminated water. While searching Ganns' clothes, Ted discovers a sinister letter of introduction addressed to Gentry, the man who bought the Hayden ranch after his father's murder. Convinced that Gentry is connected to his father's killer, Ted - who resembles Ganns - assumes the outlaw's identity. Ted embarks on a whirlwind of a journey in an attempt to avenge his father's death and be reunited with his long-lost brother. Blue Steel Blue Steel sees John Wayne play John Carruthers, an undercover U.S. Marshal investigating a string of robberies committed by the 'Polka Dot Bandit'. However, unbeknown to him, the town's sheriff (Jake) suspects him of being the thief! Though rather than arresting Carruthers, Sheriff Jake accompanies him on his journey to find the true criminal mastermind. Be prepared for some gun-slinging, edge-of-your-seat action!

Category: Feature Films

Type: Region 2 DVD

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