John Wayne: The Lucky Texan (1934) & The Man From Utah (1934) [DVD]

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The Lucky Texan The Lucky Texan features John Wayne as Jerry Mason, a young college graduate who, along with old family friend, Jake Benson, locates a secret gold field. Returning to town with their gold, the two friends make the mistake of trusting the local assayer and his equally crooked partner. The villains take a shot at Jake and, believing they killed the old coot, frame young Jerry for the 'murder'. At his trial, Jerry is delighted to discover his 'victim' among the spectators. The Man From Utah After helping prevent a bank robbery, young drifter John Weston (John Wayne) is assigned by Marshal Higgins to look into a series of suspicious deaths among champion rodeo riders. Weston uncovers a plot by Spike Barton, the brain behind the murders, and attempts to bring Barton to justice by any means necessary. Another true 'Duke' classic.

Category: Feature Films

Type: Region 2 DVD

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