John Wayne: Texas Terror & Winds of the Wasteland [DVD]

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Texas Terror Believing he has accidentally killed his best friend, the sheriff John Higgins (Wayne) hands over his badge to George 'Gabby' Hayes and retreats to the high country. However, while en route to take over her murdered father's ranch, Beth Matthews is witness to a stage robbery and Higgins comes to her rescue. Beth hires Higgins as her new foreman and they soon fall in love... but the past soon catches up to the ex-sheriff. Winds of the Wasteland Set in 1861, John Blair (John Wayne) and his partner Larry Adams are dismayed when the arrival of the telegraph ends the Pony Express. Hoping to utilise their horse-riding skills, they decide to start a stage coach transportation business and they go to Buchanan City to ask local magnate Cal Drake if he is willing to sell them a stage coach. Instead, Drake offers them a franchise from his own stage coach line - a line out to 'bustling' Crescent City. But upon arriving at Crescent City, Blair and Adams quickly realise they have been conned as it is nothing but a ghost town. Blair and Adams set about trying to recoup their lost money, by any means necessary!

Category: Feature Films

Type: Region 2 DVD

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