John Wayne: Shadow of the Eagle (1932), His Private Secretary (1933) & Riders of Destiny (1933) [DVD

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The Shadow of the Eagle A young John Wayne stars in this fast-paced, fisticuffs-a-plenty action film in which he plays carnival stunt pilot Craig McCoy. McCoy is tasked with finding a mysterious pilot who has been using sky-writing to make threats against a corporation. His Private Secretary John Wayne plays Dick Wallace, a young man with a bit of a reputation, who wants to marry a minister's grand-daughter, but whose father is strongly opposed to the relationship. Dick sets about convincing both his father and his friends that this is a serious relationship and that he is not just an irresponsible playboy. Meanwhile his new love, Marion, is also determined to prove that she is the one for Dick. The question is whether or not it really is true love. Riders of Destiny James Kincade controls virtually all the local water supply and has designs on the land that has the only alternative source. The owners of the land, the Dentons, are determined not to bow to Kincade's pressure and feisty Fay Denton takes matters into her own hands. When undercover government agent Sandy Saunders shows up to thwart Kincaid, he and Fay are soon working together and make a formidable team, but are they a match for the devious villains they must deal with along the way?

Category: Feature Films

Type: Region 2 DVD

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