John Wayne: Hell Town & Angel and the Badman [DVD]

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Hell Town Dare Rudd (John Wayne) and Dinkey Hooley are two roaming cowhands who drift into Montana, where they meet Dare's cousin, Tom Fillmore, a respected cattleman and banker. Tom offers the two men jobs but they turn him down. That is, until Dare sees Tom's sweetheart and decides to take the job after all so that he can get to know her. Life, however, does not turn out as Dare would have liked as he comes across cattle rustlers and card cheats! Trouble is most definitely on the horizon! Angel and the Badman An old-fashioned Western with John Wayne at his best as a gunfighter who must choose between the girl he loves and his guns, which always seem to attract trouble. When outlaw Quirt Evans is wounded during a bank robbery, he is taken in by a gentle Quaker family and nursed back to health by their lovely daughter Penelope Worth. Quirt begins to rethink his violent lifestyle after falling in love with Penelope and being hounded by his rival Laredo Stevens and a laconic U.S. Marshal named Wistful McClintlock. Angel and the Badman is justly considered one of the best Westerns ever made.

Category: Feature Films

Type: Region 2 DVD

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