Into the Shark Bite [DVD]

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When it comes to sharks, there are certain things we need to look out for. Theyre big, theyre hungry, they jump out of the water and they are seriously scary. But now its time to take a new look.

Were gonna risk life, limb and some very expensive cameras to show you sharks from a whole new angle. Our team get out there and risk their lives for television as we go Into the Shark Bite.

Everything we fear about sharks comes down to two things “ their jaws and their teeth “ but what really goes on at the business end of a killer shark? By getting right in the face of some of the worlds most deadly shark species, we can see what really happens when a shark bites. Our guides to this feeding frenzy of science are the right men for the job.

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Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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