Into The Pride - with Dave Salmoni [DVD]

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Large predator expert Dave Salmoni heads deep into the African bush on a double mission: to return to his wild roots and to save a rogue pride of lions from elimination. Big cats, and especially lions, have long been his passion, but recently Dave has been spending most of his time in the urban jungle as a television host and producer. Now all his toughness, training and focus are put to the test. Can he survive six months in the Namibian bush on a life or death quest? 

This is much more than a personal journey as Dave must help a pride of problem lions learn to accept humans, in order to support the growing eco-tourism in the area. Dave's challenge is clear the only way to get into these lions' heads is by getting on foot and heading straight Into the Pride. 

He must forge relationships with every lion, from Brutus, the dominant male, to Rough and Tumble, the youngest cubs. All of Dave's experience and knowledge as a zoologist and big cat expert will be tested as he puts everything on the line including his life and the safety of his TV crew so that two species can harmoniously share the land they both depend on for survival.

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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