Industrial Revelations: Best Of British Engineering With Rory Mcgrath [DVD-R]

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Join Rory McGrath for a look at Britain's greatest feats of engineering. Comedian and history buff Rory McGrath celebrates the UK s most imaginative and ambitious construction endeavours, past and present. Look closely and you'll find that the Brits are behind many of the big engineering advances that shaped the modern world. From steam engines to jet engines, from the train to the hovercraft, the list is second to none. Best of British lifts the hood and fiddles with the brakes of Britain s engineering heritage. On his way Rory visits a host of British marvels, from the splendour of the Palm House at Kew Garden to the former glamour of Concorde and Ironbridge, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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