I Escaped Jaws [DVD]

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Meet the people who have survived Nature s greatest predator.

Confront your phobias and face your fears, as the terrors of the deep are explored head-on in the real-life stories of those who have tangled with some of the ocean s deadliest predators and lived to tell the tale.

I ESCAPED JAWS uses riveting real shark attack footage captured by eyewitnesses to examine harrowing first-hand accounts from everyday people who have stared into the jaws of a shark and survived.

These survivors used all their wits and experience to live to share their chilling stories.

Shannon Ainslie has faced three Great White sharks throughout his lifetime; Nicole Moore, a nurse, lost her arm in an attack while vacationing in Mexico and saved her own life by instructing those on the beach on how to treat her wounds; while Australian Navy Diver Paul de Gelder relied on his experience as a diver to survive after a shark bit off both his arm and leg.

These stories of survival against the odds are sure to inspire and amaze, and may just give you the edge you need if you ever find yourself face to face with a shark nature's ultimate killing machine.

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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