Hollywood's Most Notorious Crimes [DVD]

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Just below the glamour and glitz Tinsel Town has a dark side... In the shadows of the glitz and glamour lurk the dark secrets of Tinsel Town's most scandalous crimes. Hollywood. This town can make any fantasy come to life anything you crave money, power, sex, drugs Hollywood gives it to you. Or it can turn a dream into a horror show. Chilling, vicious, infamous these are the crimes only tinsel town could spawn. Some Hollywood killers and their victims, like Charles Manson and Sharon Tate and more recently O.J. Simpson and Nicole have become household names the morbid mix of Hollywood glamour and death seems to capture the public s attention and imagination like nothing else. There is a belief that anything is possible in Hollywood if you are famous enough...even getting away with murder.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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