Hitler's Henchmen: Volume 1 [DVD]

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The true story of der Führer's angels of death.

Produced by German broadcaster ZDF, this remarkable collection of films explores the life of Adolf Hitler and the men who aided him in his rise to power and serviced the infernal machinery of the Third Reich.

With the use of newly discovered archive footage and interviews with surviving family members and Nazi insiders, these fascinating programmes attempt to draw historical psychograms of Hitler's closest colleagues, offering in-depth personal and political profiles of the men who would stop at nothing in order to serve their Führer.

What kind of men were they? What drove them to serve such a deadly regime with enthusiasm and devotion? How did their careers unfold and what was their final fate?

This fascinating DVD collection answers all these burning questions by examining the lives of eight of Hitler's most famous cohorts.

Using newly discovered film clips and sound recordings from international archives, these films provide the viewer with a revealing portrait of Hitler and his most willing executors , making it a must-watch for anyone interested in military history and World War II.

Disc 1: Goebbels & Goering
Disc 2: Hess & Himmler
Disc 3: Doenitz & Speer

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