Hitler: A Chronicle [DVD]

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A portrait of evil.

These three remarkable programmes, produced by Russian Television, reveal three of the most fascinating stories from Nazi Germany and the man who ruled it: Adolf Hitler.

Failed Experiment: Hitler s Live Broadcasts
For the Third Reich, the newly invented television had every potential to be a powerful propaganda tool, but it also had unexpected consequences. During World War II, Germany gave birth to entertainment television, which did not align with the plans of Nazi leaders. Uncover hidden records of the secret meetings, directives and correspondences that attempted to control the burgeoning industry.

Plot to Kill Hitler
Theory of probability supposes that if you toss a coin 100 times, chances for heads and tails are equal. However, none of about 50 attempts on Adolf Hitler's life were successful. The attempts began as early as 1922. Long before he took power, assassins fired on his car and planted a bomb where he was to make a speech. This programme delves into the archives to reveal the truth behind the many failed attempts to kill Hitler and examines how one of the world s deadliest men survived until he took his own life in 1945.

Loving Hitler: The Fatal Flight of Hess
The history of World War II is rife with unsolved mysteries. One of them was Rudolf Hess s flight to England in May of 1941. As a close associate of Hitler, there are no explanations for why Hess flew to the enemy nation. An even greater secret surrounds Hess s death, which for years was considered a suicide. Modern-day experts now offer shocking revelations and a radically different version of his sudden death.

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