Harold Lloyd [DVD-R]

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Directed by the legendary Preston Sturges and with the notable eccentric Howard Hughes as producer, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock is a sequel to Lloyds hit comedy The Freshman “ albeit one made several decades afterwards. Lloyd plays a down-on-his-luck teetotaller, who loses his job and ends up in a bar where he takes his first taste of alcohol. The potent cocktail, known as the ˜Diddlebock, makes him lose his inhibitions and, when he wakes the following day, he finds that hes somehow bought a circus! The Milky Way, one of Lloyds most successful ˜talkies, sees our hero play a timid milkman who accidentally becomes embroiled in a fight with a middleweight boxing champion, whom he inadvertently knocks out! A nefarious boxing promoter spies an opportunity to use Lloyd as a patsy in a series of fixed fights, but there just might be a surprise in store¦

Category: Biographies

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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