Guy Martin: Our Guy In Latvia [DVD]

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In this special programme Guy Martin, best known as the daredevil petrol-head with a passion for speed and death defying adventures, dedicates a rare week off work to a deeply personal crusade: to journey to the Baltics and uncover the truth about his late Latvian grandfather, Walter Kidals. The exact details of Walter's early life have always been unclear and so Guy decides to find out what really happened to him - uncovering an extraordinary World War II tale involving conscription into the German army. Driving a 30 year old Lada Riva around the Latvian countryside, Guy discovers the site of his grandfather's old home and school, witnesses a full scale battle re-enactment and visits the war museum that was once a gunpowder factory. Guy's trip finishes with an emotional reunion with his long lost Latvian cousins. The journey won't just help paint a picture about his granddad's life, but it will also provide some answers about the origins of Guy's own unique personality.

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