Great White Serial Killer [DVD]

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Jeff Kurr suspects there may be a serial killer on the loose. Two victims have already been found, in the same location, almost exactly two years apart, and Kurr believes a pattern may be forming. But this is not the work of some criminally insane loner; in this case the killer is a great white shark. Sharks may only kill for food, but they share similar strategies with human serial killers: they lurk out of sight, stalking their victims, and striking with savage and lethal ferocity. Natural history producer Jeff Kurr sets out to examine two fatal shark attacks off Surf Beach, near Vandenberg Air Force base in California, and uses evidence found at both sites to try to determine if one shark was responsible for both killings. The two-year gap between attacks matches the two-year migratory pattern of the great white sharks in the area, while the sheer size of the sharks in each case around 16 feet long indicates that Kurr may be looking for a single, murderous beast. But can he solve the case before it strikes again?

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Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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