Great Politicians - Winston Churchill [DVD-R]

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Remembered as one of the greatest leaders of all time for his courage and diplomatic brilliance, relive the career of Winston Churchill.
PART ONE: HOW TO BECOME A HERO In the first part of this look at the life of Winston Churchill, rarely seen archive footage is used alongside quotes from the man himself and expert analysis to map the route he took to power. From his childhood to his early political career, learn how Churchill revelled in the role of playing the hero from an early age. While he is rightly remembered as one of Britains most famous sons, his career was marked by certain decisions that backfired with incredible consequences. However, Churchill was one of the few high-ranking British politicians who realised the threat posed by Hitler and his gathering force. Here, we recall the journey Churchill took to become the most powerful man in Britain and how fate and luck intervened to allow him to be chosen as the leader to guide his beloved country through World War II.

PART TWO: FRIEND AND FOE Winston Churchill will forever be remembered as the man who led Britain through perhaps her darkest hour. This programme begins the day after Churchill became British Prime Minister in May 1940. The next five years would be some of the toughest in the countrys history as the Nazi threat started to take over Europe by force. Hitlers gaze was cast towards the shores of England and she was soon under attack. Here, restored archive footage illustrates the relationships Churchill forged with Stalin and Roosevelt, as well as the decisions he made that helped shape the outcome of World War II. Churchill was the right man to rally a nation as he inspired Britain to what at one stage had seemed an unlikely victory; a victory for which every new generation will forever be indebted.

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