Great Politicians - Franklin Roosevelt [DVD-R]

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From young lawyer to the only American President voted into office four times in succession, witness Franklin Roosevelts remarkable story.
PART ONE: RULING THE WORLD This is the story of how Franklin D. Roosevelt came to be President of the United States and the problems that he had to deal with as he rose through the political ranks. From the Great Depression to the banking crisis that severely affected America in the early 20th Century, Discovery charts the life and career of the man who would eventually lead his country and take her into World War II. This was a war which the US was at first reluctant to enter but was left with no choice following the devastating attack by the Japanese on the US naval defences located at Pearl Harbor in December 1941.
PART TWO: A WAR WITH TYCOONS In the second part of this look back at one of historys most famous wartime leaders, rarely seen archive footage and testimony from experts combine to provide a detailed look at the role Roosevelt and the US played in the outcome of the bloodiest war in history. Upon the outbreak of the conflict in Europe, the US initially held a neutral stance and the American public were against becoming embroiled in a European war. Following events at Pearl Harbor and the entrance of the US into the conflict, Roosevelt became a member of the iconic ˜big three alongside Churchill and Stalin and played a leading role in securing an Allied victory before his untimely death in spring 1945.

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