Great British Steam Trains [DVD]

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From the very early beginnings to the last standard engine built for British Railways, this programme celebrates the proud heritage of innovation and development of the different classes of British steam locomotives.

Just like the horses that the early locomotives were designed to replace, it soon became apparent that different types were needed for different tasks. The slow, heavy freights needed a strong, steady engine, while the fast express trains needed something more akin to a racehorse.

The need for specialisation quickly developed and primitive locomotives were replaced with everything from freight and tank engines to narrow gauge as well as mixed traffic types and, of course, express passenger trains. On this DVD, each classification of main locomotive type is carefully indexed so youll quickly be able to find any particular scene or your favourite engine from the Rocket to Mallard and Flying Scotsman.

The steam locomotive was invented in Britain over 200 years ago and many people still consider it to be the most romantic form of transport. So, sit back and enjoy this nostalgic journey.

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