Gold Rush Season 4 Specials [DVD-R]

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Gold Rush continues to fascinate its fans with every new season. Now we have some behind-the-scenes specials from Season Four.

Million Dollar Season
We take a look back at the epic million dollar season. The Hoffman crew splits with two rival
leaders, Parker sets out to redeem himself in his grandfather’s eyes and the Dakota boys
continue their battle to uncover the bottom of the glory hole.

Southern Quest
In the quest for gold, the Hoffman crew quits the Klondike to hunt down gold-rich ground in
South America. The Dakota boys set their sights on virgin mountain claim, Cahoon Creek.
18-year-old Parker Schnabel leaves home to mine for Klondike gold.

Ready to Roll
This episode takes a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Gold Rush in the hostile jungles of
South America and the frozen North.

This no holds barred show reveals how Fred coped with a family tragedy, why a fateful choice
cost Todd a huge amount of gold and how he coped with a murder in the jungle. Then we take a
look at where the miners will be in the next season and who will return.

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