Global Catastrophe [DVD-R]

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Planet earth is a deadly place; our weather systems have the capability to unleash awesome destruction upon us, at any time! Brutal droughts cause catastrophic bush fires which can reduce our homes to cinders and blanket our cities in choking smog. Driving blizzards paralyse entire countries. Tornadoes touch down where they're least expected and tear up all that stands in front of them. Hurricane winds flatten entire towns. Rain turns ground into liquid and rivers into raging torrents that wipe away our homes and our lives in an instant. All this destruction can be traced back to a single cause, a global shift in the delicate systems that control our weather.

The weather in 1997 and 1998 wreaked havoc right around the globe; floods, fire and drought ravaged the earth. These aforementioned weather extremes were all caused by one thing...El Nino, the most catastrophic weather phenomenon on earth!

With incredible footage and expert commentary, "Global Catastrophe" tells the full and amazing story of...El Nino and examines the full extent of the destruction that this mighty phenomenon caused.

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